Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu is an important South Indian Destination for art and culture. Formerly known as Tanjore, this beautiful city has some of the most magnificent Hindu temples in the country. Thanjavur is also famous for being home to the unique painting style Tanjore. You can easily travel to Thanjavur by rail, road, or air. The nearest airport is Tiruchirapalli International Airport, which is located at a distance of 61.7 km from Thanjavur. Thanjavur Railway Station is the city’s railhead and is connected to major cities in India. You can also take a bus from neighbouring Indian cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Vellore, and Bangalore.

Major Attractions :

● Brihadeshwara Temple: Built during the reign of the Chola dynasty, this magnificent temple is a part of the Great Living Chola Temples which has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some important structures of the temple have been carved out of a single rock. The temple walls are adorned with Chola frescoes which depict various Hindu mythological stories.
● Thanjavur Maratha Palace: This old palace was home to the Bhonsle family who ruled over the region from 1674 to 1885. The palace complex comprises of queen’s courtyard, Durbar hall, and a small bell tower.
● Saraswathi Mahal Library: It is one of the oldest libraries in Asia and has a huge collection of manuscripts written on palm leaves. Visit the museum located inside the library building to take a look at old paintings, books, maps, and other ancient artefacts.
● Royal Palace Museum: Some of the artefacts found in this museum date back to the 19th century. Located inside Thanjavur Maratha Palace, the museum has an eclectic collection of old thrones, weapons, and photographs.
● Gangaikonda Cholesvarar Temple: Located at a distance of approximately 80 km from Thanjavur, this World Heritage Site is a must-visit for tourists. The temple resembles Brihadeshwara Temple in its architecture and has a peaceful atmosphere.

When To Visit :

The best time to visit Thanjavur is during the winter season which lies between October and March. The weather is cool and pleasant during this time of the year and is perfect for sightseeing. During the month of April and May, the temperature soars and it can get quite hot during the day. However, the monsoon season from June to September offers some respite from the heat and can be a good time for lazing around the temple grounds.