Affectionately called as Pondy, Pondicherry is an urban agglomeration and union territory that is famed for its rich colonial past. This place was colonised by the Dutch, Portuguese, British, and French. It has successfully preserved the colonial ambiance with its exquisite European-styled buildings, churches, statues, and temples. Pondicherry is also quite famous for its beautiful, palm-fringed beaches.

The airport at Pondicherry can accommodate only small flights and is only directly connected to very few international airports. Therefore, you can opt for a flight to Chennai airport, which is the closest (135 km) domestic and international airport to Pondicherry. You can also reach Pondy by taking a train to Villupuram station, which is about 35 km away from the city and very well connected to the rest part of the country.

Major Attractions :

● Auroville: This establishment is a universal township where people coming from all walks of life live in harmony, above all castes, creeds, and nationalities. The major tourist attraction here is the Matrimandir, which is a huge golden metallic sphere and a symbol of divine’s answer to man’s aspiration for perfection.

● Promenade Beach: Promenade is a stretch of four beaches along the Bay of Bengal. These beaches are popular for their beautiful palm trees and exciting water activities, which include scuba-diving, kayaking, and surfing.

● Gandhi Beach: If there is something that you can’t afford to miss in Pondicherry, then it is the sunrise at the beaches, especially Gandhi Beach. The clean and green beach offers a spectacular view of the Sun rising from the horizon. Photographers will definitely love this picturesque view.

● Ariyankuppam: It is a small European town located in the union territory of Pondicherry, which is famed for its straight and grid-style lanes. Arikamedu is an ancient archaeological site which you should visit when in Ariyankuppam.

● Thirunallar: It is also a small town situated within the Pondicherry agglomerate, which is famed for the shrine of Hindu lord Vishnu located inside the temple of Dharbaranyeswarar.

When To Visit :

Though this beautiful city of Pondicherry casts different kinds of spell in different kinds of weather, it is highly advisable to visit this European rich establishment in winters, which stays from October to March. The climate during these months is very pleasant, suitable for sightseeing and beach sports.