Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi is an important historical destination in Cochin, Kerala. As Fort Kochi was under the rule of the Portuguese, Dutch, and the British, the city has architectural marvels from the colonial era to this day. It is believed that the Chinese introduced a particular fishing net during the pre-colonial era in Fort Kochi, and these nets are still a major tourist attraction. Till this date, Fort Kochi is known as a quaint town, famous for its European art and architecture. It also serves as an important hub for spice export. As Fort Kochi lies on the south-west coast of Kochi, it is well connected by rail, road, and air. Cochin International Airport and Cochin Railway Station link Fort Kochi to all major cities in India.

Major Attractions :

● Jewish Synagogue- This is the oldest synagogue amongst all Commonwealth of nations. This synagogue is still in use, and is the first sightseeing destination most tourists in Fort Kochi visit.

● Santa Cruz Basilica- This church is one of the eight Basilicas in India. Exploring the church premises will leave you in awe of its architecture. This edifice is a centre of historical and cultural significance in Kerala.

● St. Francis Church- Built in the year 1503, St. Francis Church has witnessed the European colonial era in India. Walk through the European architecture, when you visit this beautiful church.

● Indo-Portuguese Museum- Learn about the Portuguese influence on Fort Kochi, by visiting this well kept museum. Over the years, this museum has been successful in preserving important artefacts from the Portuguese dominated epoch.

● Fort Kochi Beach- Take a break from the hustle bustle of city life, and enjoy this tranquil beach. It is one of the most well maintained beaches in Kerala and is definitely worth your time.

● Fort Emmanuel- Adjacent to Fort Kochi Beach, Fort Emmanuel was the site used by the Portuguese to establish their colony. Explore the remains and ruins from the European invasion of the fort.

When To Visit :

The monsoon season extends from June to September and brings heavy rainfall, sometimes dampening your travel plans. The summer season, between March to May, has a very hot and clear climate, perfect for sightseeing activities. The best time to visit Fort Kochi is during the winter season, from October to March, as the temperature doesn’t exceed 32° C.