Darjeeling, a proud hill station in the state of West Bengal, is internationally famed for its black tea. It is visited throughout the year for its extensive tea plantations. It has a rich and enviable colonial past that is still quite visible in its culture and architecture. Darjeeling is bestowed with the title Queen of the Hills and it is more than justified by its misty mountains and serene hill plantations. Visiting places like Tiger Hill and Mall Road can make you fall even more in love with Darjeeling’s picturesque mountains. Nevertheless, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the attraction that will really steal away all the thunder. Though Bagdogra Airport is just 96 km away from Darjeeling, it is suggested to take a train instead to enjoy the scenic beauty of this hilly escapade.

Major Attractions :

● Tiger Hill: 11 km away from the town of Darjeeling, it can be reached through a rented jeep or by foot through Chowrasta. Tiger Hill is also the summit of Ghoom, the highest railway station in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. This hill will gift you an invaluable panoramic view of Mt. Everest and Mt. Kangchenjunga together.

● Mirik: It is yet another picturesque tourist spot snuggled in the natural beauty of Darjeeling. It is suggested to take the scenic road from Ghoom via Sukhiapokhri.

● Batasia Loop: It is the spiral railway loop created to lower the gradient of ascent of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The fact that the railway track spirals around itself is the attraction point here.

● Peace Pagoda: Peace Pagoda is a peace temple designed to provide a uniting centre for people of all casts and creeds in search of world peace. This majestic Buddhist temple amidst the serene hills of Darjeeling is a must visit for finding some inner peace.

● Darjeeling Himalayan Railways: Last but not the least, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is definitely the cherry on the cake. Popularly referred as ‘Toy Train’, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and takes you through all the wonders Darjeeling has to offer you. From exquisite tea gardens to serene mountainous beauty, you can visit all just by hopping on to this toy train.

When To Visit :

Being a hilly area, climate is always cool here. Hence, you can visit Darjeeling between April and June as the maximum temperature is around 25 degree Celsius during this period. Summer can be a good time for sightseeing and other adventure activities. If you are a fan of rain and photography, then you can visit Darjeeling in monsoons during September. You will surely enjoy the rain-drenched flora and fauna ideal for great pictures in this season.