Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, is one of the largest and most populated major cities in India. This huge city is adorned with the title Silicon Valley of India for its role and contribution as the nation’s leading information technology exporter. Bangalore is loved for its pleasant weather throughout the year. Additionally, it is also famous for its lively nightlife.

Having an international airport, Bangalore is very well connected to most of the major countries around the world. The international airport is situated on the outskirts, which is about 40 km away from the heart of the city. Bangalore also boasts of a number of well-connected, national railheads, which connect to all the major and minor cities of the country.

Major Attractions :

● Lalbagh Botanical Garden: This botanical garden is quite famous for its beautiful, colourful, and exotic collection of flowers. It hosts an annual flower show during the week of Republic day in January, which is witnessed by a huge number of tourists for its vividness and grandeur.

● Bull Temple: Bull temple is a Hindu pilgrimage site located in a beautiful park called Bugle Rock in south Bangalore. Every year in the month of Karthika* a groundnut fair is held in the temple premise and groundnut is offered to the deity.

● ISKCON Temple: It was built to commemorate the birthday of the founder of ISKCON, Sri Prabhupada. With its ornate arches, beautiful gardens, and eye-catching fountains, the temple is really a feast to eyes.

● Bannerghatta National Park: Bannerghatta national park, located 22 km south of Bangalore, boasts of a zoo, a biological reserve, and some ancient temples. The national park houses some of the rare and endangered species of plant and animals, and also offers safari excursions to explore the same.

● Nandi Hills: This is an ancient hill fortress, located 55 km from the Bangalore, which is famous for offering serene and picturesque sunrises.

When To Visit :

As Bangalore witnesses moderate climate, it can be visited all round the year. But the tourist inflow is maximum between September and February, which is winter. The weather is even more pleasant and soothing during this period. The place doesn’t get too cold in winters, as the lowest temperature remains around 10 degree Celsius.

Indian Terms Explained :

Karthika: The eighth month of Hindu traditional calendar.